Intellectual Property

Out of the lab and working in the foundries

At Diraq, we are engineers at heart. We turn the dazzle of quantum science into useful technology, with focus on practicality.

Solid IP foundations

Our engineers have been working on this technology for over two decades. We’ve patented our inventions along the way and now Diraq holds fundamental IP for the building blocks of a silicon CMOS quantum computer.

Diraq maintains over 60 patents and patent applications across major jurisdictions, including the US, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and India. Our portfolio is highlighted by foundational IP in the design and operation of silicon spin qubits compatible with CMOS foundry manufacturing. We have patents covering a detailed CMOS-based architecture for billions of qubits, capable of full error correction, advanced methods for qubit control, quantum memory, as well as innovative CMOS device designs.

After filing, Diraq’s foundational IP has been validated through publication in leading, peer-reviewed Science- and Nature-group journals.

Peer-reviewed research breakthroughs

High-fidelity spin qubit operation and algorithmic initialisation above 1K

28 March 2024


On-demand electrical control

12 January 2023

Nature Nanotechnology

Global control in a resonator

13 August 2021

Science Advances

Coherent spin qubit transport in silicon

05 July 2021

Nature Communications

Hot qubit operation at 1.5K

15 April 2020


High fidelity two-qubit gate

13 May 2019


Record one-qubit fidelity

15 April 2019

Nature Electronics

Fully integrated architecture proposal

15 December 2017

Nature Communications

Two-qubit logic in SiMOS

5 October 2015


Single qubit in SiMOS

12 October 2014

Nature Nanotechnology

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