Globally, the race is on to deliver qubits at ever increasing numbers

To be useful, a quantum computer will need billions of qubits

In order to perform commercially relevant algorithms such as pharmaceutical design, machine learning or financial modelling, any quantum computer will need billions of qubits. To achieve this, universal and fault-tolerant error-corrected qubits will be required in vast numbers in a tightly packed architecture.

Silicon CMOS manufacturing technology currently allows well over one billion transistors to be packed onto a single silicon chip. Diraq’s patented CMOS qubits are the same size as today’s transistors and use the same manufacturing.

Over the next ten years our Diraq chips will progress from prototypes to working silicon quantum processor chips at nanometer scales that other quantum bit technologies will never achieve.

Diraq has engineered continuous breakthroughs

Core breakthroughs to enable a silicon-based quantum computer.

The journey so far


The next ten years

Phase 1

Accelerate development of in-house capabilities and launch fabrication of foundry devices.

9-qubit logic processor
First foundry devices

Phase 2

Transition from physical to logical qubit operation and begin massive scale-up of foundry services.

Logical qubit in silicon
1K++ qubit foundry chip & integrated QC system

Phase 3

Start implementation of commercially viable algorithms and achieve a fully quantum error-corrected processor.

Multiple commercially valuable algorithms
1M++ qubit foundry chip & error-corrected QC
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