The People

Our team has been engineering silicon-based quantum computers for over two decades

Leadership Team

Andrew Dzurak

CEO and founder
Scientia Professor in Quantum Engineering, University of New South Wales

Andrew is a pioneer of silicon quantum dot quantum computing and has published more than 30 publications in Nature and Science family journals. He has also generated more than $25M income for UNSW since 2016.

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Stefanie Tardo

Chief of Staff

Stef works alongside the CEO to manage corporate operations and growth at Diraq. She is a former private equity operative specialising in post acquisition strategy and value creation.

Arne Laucht

Head of Quantum Measurement
Scientia Fellow and Associate Professor in Quantum Engineering, University of New South Wales

Arne is a technical expert in quantum measurement. He has been developing techniques for qubit measurement and control for more than 10 years.

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Henry Yang

Head of Quantum Control
Senior Lecturer of Quantum Engineering, University of New South Wales

Henry has developed proprietary qubit control code and is a world leader in silicon quantum dot qubit control. He was awarded MITTR: Top 35 Innovators Under 35 in 2021.

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Chris Escott

Head of Engineering
Formerly Device Design Engineering Manager at Silanna Semiconductor

A former engineering manager in the semiconductor industry, Chris has extensive experience in device engineering, product and IP development.

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Andre Saraiva

Head of Solid-State Theory
Formerly Professor of Physics at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Andre is a world leader in quantum chemistry and solid state physics, with publications on valley physics in silicon and collaborations with research groups in Madison, Madrid, Cambridge and Rio de Janeiro.

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Wee Han Lim

Head of Nanofabrication
Formerly Assistant Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology

Wee Han is a silicon qubit device fabrication expert. He has more than 10 years of experience in silicon qubit device design, micro- and nanofabrication as well as cryogenic electrical characterisation.

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Lasantha Thennakoon


Lasantha is a highly experienced CFO who has worked in large organisations including banks and with several start-ups.

Technical & Commercial Staff

Kok Wai Chan

Fabrication and Process Engineer

Kok Wai is a process engineer focussing on the fabrication of scalable quantum devices, with significant industry experience in the development of quantum computing devices and cleanroom fabrication facilities as the former Fabrication Manager at IQM.

Fay Hudson

Fabrication and Process Engineer

Fay has more than 20 years of quantum device fabrication experience working with Andrew at the University of New South Wales, and is a senior member of the fabrication team. Her work has enabled multiple breakthroughs in silicon quantum device development.

Alexandra Dickie

Test Engineer

Alex brings experience in electronics design and systems engineering to build and configure test and equipment setups to assist in cryogenic measurements operations.

Tuomo Tanttu

Measurement Engineer

Tuomo is an experienced cryogenic measurement engineer having developed and measured silicon MOS dots for metrological purposes and as qubits, with a focus on high-fidelity two qubit operations.

Steve Yianni

Measurement Engineer

Steve is a condensed matter physicist and nanoscale device engineer, having worked on low dimensional electronic systems, exploring and engineering their quantum spin transport through surface preparation, modification and engineering.

Ensar Vahapoglu

Measurement Engineer

Ensar is an electronics engineer, having worked on matters related to the scalability of CMOS based qubit devices, including the implementation of global control techniques and the design of analog & digital integrated circuits.

Nard Dumoulin Stuyck

CMOS Design and Measurement Engineer

Nard brings experience in 300mm CMOS fabrication of silicon quantum dot spin qubits at imec (Belgium). He is passionate about CMOS technology and scaling silicon quantum hardware.

William Gilbert

CMOS Design and Measurement Engineer

Will brings novel quantum dot control development together with mixed-signal CMOS design expertise to create scalable quantum technology pathways.

Tim Botzem

Quantum Process Engineer

Tim is an experienced quantum engineer, having worked on electric and magnetic control of quantum dot and implanted donor spin qubits, with a focus on noise spectroscopy and benchmarking single-qubit control fidelities.

Amanda Seedhouse

Theoretical Physicist

Amanda is a theoretical physicist experienced in strategies for managing noise in SiMOS spin qubits, including understanding the effects of noise on spin qubits and developing scalable methods to mitigate its impact.

MengKe Feng

Theoretical Physicist

MengKe is a theoretical scientist working on a broad range of condensed matter and quantum physics relating to spin qubit systems. He is particularly interested in the physics of quantum interconnects in large scale architectures.

Alexis Shaw

Quantum Architecture Theorist

Alexis combines his expertise in quantum computing architecture, quantum error correction and quantum complexity theory, with a solid foundation in electrical engineering to help bridge the gap between theory and engineering.

Jesús Cifuentes

CMOS Design & Solid-State Theorist

Jesús leverages expertise in physics and device engineering to explore optimal materials and architectures for advancing the scalability of CMOS quantum processors.

Santiago Serrano Ramirez

Qubit Measurement Engineer

Santiago is experienced in measurement of spin qubits in quantum dot devices, operation of cryogenic systems and the design of microwave systems for qubit readout.

Larissa Steele

Strategy Analyst

Larissa brings a commercial mindset, supporting the Chief of Staff and CEO. She has a strategy consulting background, where she focused on scaling early-stage climate technologies in asset intensive industries.

Philip Mai

Device Simulation Engineer

Philip brings experience in software development, having also worked on electronic structure projects, to advance SiMOS qubit development.

Jorge Pagulayan

IC Design and Layout Engineer

Jorge brings in his decades of IC layout design and chip integration experience. He has worked on numerous custom-digital, analog and mixed-signal circuits from bulk, Fin FET and FDSOI technology, led several project tapeouts and held leadership and team development positions in previous roles.

Kristjan Semmelweis

Associate IC Design Engineer

Kristjan has experience in designing mixed-signal cryogenic control electronics, which will be needed to integrate qubits into a quantum processing unit.

Gerardo Paz Silva

Quantum Noise and Control Theorist

Gerardo is an expert on noise affecting quantum systems. He co-developed the general filter function formalisms and quantum noise spectroscopy protocols that are the key ingredients of the state-of-the-art noise characterization and suppression protocols available.

Matt Flax

Matt is an electrical engineer and computer scientist with a PhD in physiological modeling of hearing. He brings over twenty five years of experience in hardware, signal processing, and software engineering.

Joe Mok

Joe is a physicist turned patent attorney specialising in deep-tech. He practiced at top-tier law and IP firms before becoming in-house counsel in Australian tech companies.

Board of Directors

William Jeffrey

Airstream Venture Partners

Andrew Dzurak


Matthew Gould

ICM, Allectus Capital

Will Zeng


Eliathamby Ambikairajah


Academic Partners

Andrea Morello

Spin Dynamics and Education
Scientia Professor of Quantum Engineering

Andrea Morello is a Scientia Professor of Quantum Engineering at UNSW, a Program Manager at CQC2T and Head of the Fundamental Quantum Technologies Lab. Besides being a celebrated science communicator, Andrea is a world-leading researcher behind many unprecedented accomplishments, such as the first coherent control and readout of individual electron spins in silicon and fault-tolerant level two qubit control fidelities in a silicon device.

Citations: 10577 h-index: 44

Jarryd Pla

Readout and Control
Senior Lecturer of Quantum Engineering

Jarryd Pla is a Quantum Engineer in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW. He is a former Bragg Gold Medal winner and European Marie Curie International Fellow. He is an expert in spin qubits (having been instrumental to the first demonstration of single spin control and readout), superconducting quantum circuits (in particular quantum-noise-limited microwave amplifiers) and hybrid quantum technologies.

Citations: 3306 h-index: 18

Graduate Research Team

Kevin Guo

Ajit Dash

Paul Steinacker

Md. Mamunur Rahman

Cameron Jones

Venkatesh Chenniappan

Van Vo Kim Hieu

Usama Ahsan

Gauri Goenka

Andreas Nickl

Dylan Liang

Alicia Lieng

Graduate research team

Rocky Su

Jonathan Huang

Kevin Guo

Ajit Dash

Paul Steinacker

Md Mamunur Rahman

Andreas Nickl

Venkatesh Chenniappan

Usama Ahsan

Gauri Goenka

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